Giving Slips


If you give by check or cash, you can make it easier for the church to track your donation by including a giving slip.   You may mail your donation or place in the offering boxes at church; whatever is easier for you.  When using your own envelope to mail, mark Attn: Income Manager.

You can request more slips from the church office or you can reduce church costs even further by printing and cutting them yourself (see below). 

Don't want to bother with slips? Click the "give now" button to the right to give online, or here to see other convenient ways to give.

Making your own slips

You can make your own slips by simply completing and printing a pdf form.  After opening the form (link below), follow these instructions:
  1. Please complete all required fields boxed in red1.  For Code, enter the last 5 digits of your account number found on a previous slip.  If you do not have an account number, leave blank or enter five zero's.  In our new system, we no longer require the five digit account number.
  2. You may optionally complete fields highlighted in blue1, including amount fields if you donate the same amount each time.  A middle initial or suffix may be required to differentiate between donors with the same first and last names.
    1If red boxes or blue fields do not show, press Highlight Fields in upper right corner.
  3. Use the Print Form button to print your slips.  When the Print settings window opens, be sure to leave Page Scaling at None.  (Shrinking to fit could cause the scan code to be out of range.)
  4. Cut on dashed lines to separate slips.
Click here to open the pdf form2, and thank you for not only using slips, but making your own!

2You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or above.  The latest version can be obtained free from Adobe.