About Small Groups

The Philosophy of Journey Small Groups

God invites us into community - with Himself and with others who seek to know Him. He knows that we long for this connection of community.Small groups can bring us into community life where we will find encouragement for our journey of faith.

The relationships available in a small group allow us to learn how to live out our faith in ways not possible as individuals. Participating in a small group, we find encouragement and support. It is here that we will discover opportunities for spiritual growth as we encounter one of the challenges of life; other people.

Small groups can provide us with opportunities to . . .

  • worship, pray, study, share and break bread together
  • develop deep and lasting spiritual friendships with fellow believers
  • encourage others, and be encouraged, toward spiritual transformation
  • serve others while demonstrating Christ's love and mercy
  • learn to confidently share our own stories of faith with others

In a large church like Essex Alliance, regular participation in a small group is particularly important; it is here we will find a deeper level of connection with our faith community.

God knows we need it!

Biblical Basis for Small Groups


The book of Acts describes the rapid growth which occurred during the earliest days of the Church. This growth involved, in addition to the much larger assemblies at local synagogues, frequent smaller gatherings of believers in each others homes.

These small group gatherings were where deeper spiritual growth took place in the lives of individuals. They were times for worship, for encouragement, for teaching, and they became one key way to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. (Acts 1:8 & 2:42-47)

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